PolicyEngine Developer Guide#

This book contains a guide for development of PolicyEngine repositories, covering code conventions, styles and general patterns. All the repositories are housed under the PolicyEngine GitHub organisation. The repositories have the following dependency structure:

  • PolicyEngine: Code for the front-end React app, and the back-end API

    • OpenFisca-UK: A tax-benefit microsimulation model of the UK, with implementations for policy rules

      • OpenFisca-UK-Data: A Python package for generating and storing microdata for OpenFisca-UK

      • OpenFisca-Tools: A Python package containing common classes used to enhance OpenFisca country packages

    • OpenFisca-US: A model for the US, as above

      • OpenFisca-US-Data: A package for managing microdata for OpenFisca-US, similar to OpenFisca-UK-Data

      • OpenFisca-Tools: As above

All of our code powering PolicyEngine is open-source, and all contributions and contributors are welcome. If you’d like to get involved, open a PR or issue or feel free to reach out at contact@policyengine.org.